Corporate Gift Basket Ideas – Ideal As Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is almost here! Christmas is upon us and with it come the lights, the food, the greeting cards, the wine and of course, oh-so-good gifts. Yes, you will be opening a lot of wrappers and who knows what you’re going to find?

Then there’s the flip side of it. You’re going to be gifting people as well. The prospect might be stressful for a lot of you since there’s never really a perfect universal gift. Sure, a gift card seems like a nice idea but it is impersonal. After all, anyone could give a gift card. But these are people you love. They are close to you and perhaps the most important people in your life.

Then again, gifting unique, personal and relatable items is bound to be tedious. Or does it have to be?

Think hampers. Actually, think Christmas hampers.

Now, before you roll your eyes at the prospect of giving someone a hamper with two chocolates that taste terrible and a broken toy, you need to know that the gift-hamper industry has changed. Drastically. I’m not referring to digital updating here. Of course, you can order and ship them to your gran’s place online. What I am talking is about variety.

You can pretty much gift anything and that’s not an exaggeration. Thanks to modern technology, small shops that make niche items are now accessible to you. And most of them are gearing up for the festivities. That shop down the street of your childhood home which made those dark, soft, yummy chocolates? Chances are, it’s now online and takes orders from across the country. The old brewery where you and your mates hung out? Just a few clicks away.

It isn’t just chocolates,though. Right from locally produced wines to clementine Jaffa cakes, from festive classic tea to golden snowflake Christmas cake, they are all available in gift hampers. It doesn’t end there. You can order custom made hampers. So, that friend who was always lying drunk at the entrance of the pub? He gets an assortment of drinks. You can even add notes inside these hampers to make them more personal.

Sweetening the deal more is the fact that gift hampers come in all price brackets. If there’s someone really special you want to surprise, there are shops that specialize in luxury hampers. Wrapped beautifully, packed with goodies and delivered with a smile, they are bound to make Christmas just a little more special and memorable. And no gift card can compete with that. For a look at some great ideas for corporate christmas hampers – visit the hamper creations christmas hamper page: see website

So, what does a typical hamper have inside it? Well, here’s a generic list that will give you an idea.

A classic Christmas Gift Hamper:
1. Classic tea.
2. Topiced bar Christmas cake.
3. Apple and fig chutney.
4. Berry medley soft set jam.
5. Classic recipe Christmas pudding.
6. Milk chocolate orange caramels.
7. Cranberry and jaffa cakes.
8. Swiss Neapolitans Merry Christmas.
9. Gift Box.
10. Gift message.

Of course, you won’t get bags and bags of these items. But, then again you don’t have to feed a street. For a person or two, these should do just fine. The above hamper is one of the most inexpensive and generic ones online. The choices don’t really end. Do you want one which mostly contains teas? You get them. Is something mostly concentrating on cakes? Available. A hamper which looks beautiful and oozes quality for a dear friend? Done.

Here’s what a generic luxury hamper usually houses:

1. A bottle of Chardonnay.
2. Milk and white chocolate miniature bears.
3. Classic Christmas pudding.
4. Christmas coffee.
5. Fruitcake in a tin.
6. A box of dark chocolates.
7. Milk chocolate almonds.
8. Gingerbread.
9. Marzipan fruits.
10. Strawberry preserve.
11. Spiced Christmas shortbread box.
12. Tea.

There are quite a few overlapping items, yes. But quality(and quantity sometimes) are on a different level. And this is just a generic list. Most shops that sell luxury hampers have a great selection of each of these items from which you can choose.

Then there are niche gift hampers. The level of customization offered is too vast to cover here but suffice to say that if you are gifting just one or two distinct items, chances are you’ll be choosing from literally hundreds of variants.

So, the pith of the matter is quite simple. Gift hampers are certainly not the most expensive things you can gift someone. But in an increasingly connected yet distant world, a gift that is personal is far better than a gift that is expensive. Why gift money when you can gift memories?